Changing over to 4K shooting

by MooiKasteel.Com

Well I finally made the jump to 4K.

4K baby!

From now on, everything I make will be made in 4K.

I wanted a small little 4K camera I can easily carry around everywhere with me in my pocket or so. But it still needs to have all the necessities like mic input and such and such.

So I found this one: PANASONIC HC-WXF990M

It seems to be marketed towards 25 to 40 year old "independent filmmaker" dreamer arty free spirited types who still think their not getting a proper university degree and never settling into a 9 - 5 job was a good idea, even though they're getting more and more worried as life progresses. It's perfect!

See? "Professional quality films" they put there, right with a badly composited picture of a guy looking through the camera. I like making professional quality films! Seemed exactly right for my purposes.

But then I found this one: PANASONIC HC-VX985

It seems to be the exact same thing, just marketed towards the people who started families and are more successful than the lost dreamers.

I can't find much difference in specs, except that the price is a few thousand cheaper.

It also weighs 2 kilograms lighter. So it seems something isn't there that's in the other one. Probably rocks or something glued to the inside.

One thing it doesn't have, is the second viewfinder. But in my experience, if I can save a few thousand, I'll do without the second viewfinder. How many times does one use two viewfinders anyway?

And what in blazes is a "twin camera"? Oh wait, I see there's a second lens on the viewfinder. Odd. 3D maybe? Dunno.

So, not finding much difference between the two cameras, I bought the latter.

Both cameras have a lot of features I'll never use, like cropping the image in order to create zooming and motion video. Meh. I'll just film what I need. Whoever thought up such silly functions?

Or having two other video pictures on the video stream, coming through wi-fi from other cameras. I don't think I'll ever use that.

But what I will definitely use, is the slow-motion. Yeah baby! I'll be moving all sexy in slow motion in my next society video, waving my locks in the wind in slow motion. And of course I'll throw water into the air in slow motion. And have animals running in slow motion. And film a snail in slow motion.

Also, it does 24P, for that ever so film cinematic frame rate look. Oooh la dee da whee.

All in all, it seems it shall do for the uses I have in store for it.

Oh, and of course, it's 4K!!! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

I'm at the right stage to appreciate the crispy clear images of high definition now.

And with 4K, it shall be even more crispy clear and detailed. Even a billion lines of resolution isn't too much. I WANT RESOLUTION BABY!! RESOLUUUSHOOOOON!!!

I wanna film the moon and then zoom in on the image and see every little creature on the moon in crispy clear detail, in living color, their hair strands waving in the moon wind.

Ok well that's the story of the first step of my switching over to 4K for a few years. Then 8K shall follow.

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