FUNNY RUBBISH: Moviemaking: A journey choice cracken shake moo

by Bloofy

Thank you for reading my essay on moviemaking.

So anyhoo, like something like in frame rate she go like flicky fast and then boom! You see there is the thing that makes the whole truth: Shan't be sloopy.

Now it ain't no farther than say grapes, squish and then vibrate soon in the glass but when you look, she flattens and such is not the answer to curtain certain shevells.

At pianissimo shantree, in three months y'all see light in the studio for the fourth time shall come the chair of the office: Hanto snertzo in three lights from moon time.

And that is why I ain't never shook in leaf cellular level, for in the end, pillow soft candy sweetens nothin but it aint no crackers.

So I'm happy with that.

Wouldn't you all agree?