Whaaaaaaaa.... Kersplat!

by MooiKasteel.Com

We recently finished the short film "The kidnapping", which is part of the EENDAG series.

This one was quite a challenge to make, because for one thing, actor Lebogang Mokaleng has passed away last year.

So, how to get his voice onto the sound track?

In the end, all I could do was to search through some past footage of him, from various raw materials, and find parts where he says things that could be made sound clips from to use in this current film.

I think we did quite well under the circumstances.

For a few of the extra shots we needed to shoot, we used actors Oscar Dube to stand in for Jinoi Sereetsi, and Gost Matshe to stand in for deceased actor Lebogang Mokaleng.

We also had help from a certain Lukas, but his last name I have forgotten now.

In any event, the final work of art can be viewed on MooiKasteel.Com. Meanwhile, please subscribe to my YouTube channel! YouTube won't consider ad revenue sharing until one has at least 1,000 subscribers.