FUNNY RUBBISH: Crisis looming regarding the naming of video resolution standards

by Allan Smithee

I foresee a great crisis concerning the naming of resolutions. Whoever did it was lethally shortsighted. Everything is in chaos now.

There is Standard Definition. Standard where? HD is more standard as far as the masses go, so this name is bullox. Really, could nobody foresee that standards change and calling something "Standard Definition" is lame, shortsighted and just plain not planning for the future?

There is High Definition. But 4K is much higher, so this is actually Low Definition in comparison, so "High Definition" is bullox. You just know they already knew that 4K would come, so calling something "High Definition" when higher was coming, was ludicrous.

There is 4K but it's not exactly 4,000 pixels in any way, shape or form, is it now. I don't think so because 4K is actually quite a few different resolutions going under "4K". No standard whatsoever going under the naming term of a standard. Bullox.

And let's not forget, "Standard Definition" refers to anything from 768 x 567 to 720 x 576 to 640 x 480. "Standard"?? More like, "No Standard was defined here".


The terming and naming of resolutions is in absolute chaos. None of it is correct. Everything is in disarray.

That, and my pool heating is not working. WILL THE CHAOS NEVER STOP???????!!!!

Well, gonna go play with something. Later!