Filmmaking: Authentic realism look

by MooiKasteel.Com

Is anybody else going through an authentic realism look stage?

Coz I am. We are of course talking about in filmmaking.

I used to loooooooooooove making film look all surreal with lots of looks and color changes and filters and whatever settings and tweaks and image enhancements and such and such. Looked absolutely brilliant. So beautiful and arty.

But recently it changed to what I now call authentic realism. It means I use the video as is. No changes except maybe for the odd shot here and there that might need some contrast tweak or something.

But overall nothing. Just the beautiful high definition video as is. If something can't be done in camera, meaning not in the camera at all but during the shoot, like lighting and reflecting light and such and such, it isn't done.

I'm loving it I must say. It looks so real. No fakeness or trying to manipulate the viewer's emotions or skew their perspective. Just the hard, beautiful truth as is.

Who knew authenticity can be so beautiful. *sniff*.

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