How to assemble Mainstays coat rack / hat stand - easier, clearer instructions

by Henry Jacobs

Have you ever bought something at a store and then got home all excited, only to find assembling the product is going to take hours and hours?

Yes, the instructions are included, but it seems though it may be simple for the people who designed the product because they know how it all fits together and what needs to come out of the assembling attempt, for you who have never, ever assembled this product, or seen even once how it was assembled, it is a lot of effort trying to figure it out. I'm sure many people never even finish assembling some of the stuff they buy, and leave it in the garage in parts.

Anyway, the Mainstays coat rack, which I'm sure Mary Poppins would call a hat stand, is such a product.

It's not overtly complicated to assemble, but you might do well with my own pictures included here, rather than some of the very busy sketches in the instruction pages.

Well, let me not keep you guessing anymore how to assemble it. Let us start:

In the instruction booklet, you will see the alphabet letters A to R, assigned to different parts.

You will then see each part has a sticker with the letter stuck onto it:

So, first take the four parts called I, which are the shoes for the unit's feet. Turn them in the ends of the two bent legs A and B, and remember about these shoes, for they can be screwed slightly in or out during use of the unit to make it stand level.

The upright standing pole in the middle of the unit is divided into 3 parts. Take the bottom part C, and take the "spacer" J. Spacer J will go on to the bottom of part C.

You will feel that because of the shape of both these parts, spacer J fits only right one way onto part C.

Ok, just remember about spacer J and part C and put them aside together for just a bit, while we get the legs that should screw into them.

Now take the legs A & B. The two legs A & B are shaped to fit into each other and form a cross.

Take large bolt P and put it through metal sleeve O, then put the bolt and sleeve onto the bottom of the two crossed legs A and B.

Now using the Allan key or "hex wrench" R provided, screw the legs into spacer J and part C, thus:

Are you still with me so far? Good, because the hardest is over now.

Now your unit can stand. Slide plastic cap K over it from the top. Not sure why because it doesn't quite sit tight or anything, but I suppose it looks better.

Now take middle pole D. It's the one that looks like it should be connected on both ends to other poles, and it should.

Let it slide into the top of the standing base unit.

Note that both ends of the two connecting poles have a small hole. They should line up, for through there you must screw in one of the small Q bolts. Do not overscrew! In other words, screw until you feel it's tight and then stop. Don't overtighten it or it will go past a certain point and then be loose again and won't tighten again.

Now among your non-assembled parts, you should have only one pole left. This is the top pole that is going to go onto the middle pole in exactly the same way. Add it on there like you did with the previous two poles.

Add cap N onto it, just to close the top of the pole.

You will notice that this pole is full of holes. These are for the rods to go through, that the clothes and hats and stuff will hang on.

So, first take the little rubber rings assigned L, and put them in the holes so that their two little rubber wingie things are on the inside of the pole, and the ring on the outside.

Once you have so lined every hole in the top pole, you can stick the G rods through them:

Now take the black M balls and shove them onto the tips of the rods.

Now you should have a standing coat rack.

Now place it by the door or wherever and hang your junk on it.

According to the instructions, you can hang 5 lbs of stuff on each rod, in other words 2 and a half lbs on one hook. The maximum safe load is indicated as 20 lbs. So don't use this as gym equipment or something to pull yourself up on.

Enjoy hanging stuff on it!

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