Hoop Shot Fun Sport Basketball Play Set

by Michael Jordaan

The Hoop Shot Fun Sport Basketball Play Set makes for nice basketball practice for kids, and a fun toy for the office or bathroom, or use as a decorative piece at basketball parties.

So you have a basketball loving child, who's going to grow up and become a basketball superstar? 

Well then, you need to let him practise from an early age :) 

It is here where the Hoop Shot Fun Sport Basketball Play Set may come in handy to fulfil this very need.

When you first get the Hoop Shot Fun Sport Basketball Play Set, you will need to do just a little minor assembly.  For this you will need a star screwdriver. 

Two metal hooks are provided, with screws.  You will screw the metal hooks into the backboard, so that the backboard and ring can be hung over a door. 

The ring is already affixed to the backboard and can easily be folded into position.  A net is already attached too;  it is a beautiful red, white and blue net. 

You're almost ready to play now - just need to inflate the ball now. 

Included is a small blue and green hand pump, with the metal needle slid into a little hole at the top, like your normal ball pump usually comes, except the needle on this pump does not fit onto your normal ball hand pump.  It is specifically for this little pump.  

Screw the needle into the front of the handpump, and inflate the ball that comes with this set.

It will take a little longer than you expect to get this ball fully inflated.

The orange ball looks exactly like your normal plastic basketball ball, except of course this one is much smaller and much softer.

Once you have your ball inflated and the hooks on your backboard, hook it over a door and you are ready to go! Now you are ready to start giving basketball lessons to your son.

Of course if you don't have a son, this ball is just as much fun for you. Hook it on the back of your door at the office, and shoot a few mini hoops during tea time.

Or put it on the back of the bathroom door for when you're sitting and thinking on the chair.

Playing mini basketball with this set remains fun for longer than you might think.  I find that the farther you put the set up away from you, the more gratifying it is when you do throw the ball through the hoop.  So make sure you make the game challenging enough for you by increasing the distance you have to throw to score.

Suggestion for improving: The ball goes flat soon and then completely deteriorates. It should be made of a normal plastic ball material, and not this extremely weak rubbery whatever it is made from.

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