DriBuddi hot air clothes dryer: Does it work well? Afrikaans review

by Sally Tinselton

This review in Afrikaans of the DriBuddi hot air clothes dryer, is quite a thorough one. It tells of a consumer's real life experience with this device.

Initially having a bit of a problem with a faulty unit they first bought unfortunately, they then go on to exchange it for a working one and can tell you of their experience.

It's obvious this particular consumer wasn't happy with the price they had to pay for the DriBuddi at all, but that they do use the unit and it seems to give them some kind of service.

They're not sugarcoating it though - there are indeed a few drawbacks and disappointments to this clothes drying device, just in case you thought the idea of drying clothes using hot air to blow dry it could only result in a technological wonder of a product that could never disappoint.

All in all, it seems the DriBuddi might be of use to you. Click here to read the Afrikaans review.

Or, if you don't understand Afrikaans, there is also an English review here.