A terrible review for AVP2 (Alien versus Predator 2)

by Fulmewance

AVP2. Doesn't sound like much, huh. But if I say it stands for Alien Versus Predator 2, you might be all "yay!"

So is it as good as the first Alien Versus Predator movie?

Well if you go on this review about it, then no.

Aside from a terrible story, there seems to be also another problem: The movie is so dark, literally, that you cannot make out anything on the screen. Maybe an edge or line or light source here and there, but there's basically just a black screen.

I read somewhere else that it had to do with a certain DVD release, and that the original movie or any other release thereof, wasn't so blackened out.

However, the reviewer in this review got to see this terrible DVD release on which you can't make out a thing, and wrote his review based on that, so it doesn't look too favorable.

Read the review in question here.