SOUTH AFRICA TABLET 5: Instructions to the skippers regarding the settlement at Table Bay

by Time Traveler

The skippers were directed to proceed to Table Bay, and to construct close to the Fresh river a wooden building, the materials for which they were to take with them.

They were then to select a suitable site for a fort, to contain space for the accommodation of seventy or eighty men, and to this fort when finished they were to give the name Good Hope.

Four iron culverins were to be placed on each of its angles.

As soon as they were in a condition to defend themselves, they were to take possession of sufficient rich and fertile ground for gardens, and also of suitable pasture land for cattle.

The framework of some boats was to be taken out, and the boats when put together were to be employed in looking for passing ships and conducting them to the anchorage.

All this being accomplished, the ships were to proceed to Batavia, leaving seventy men at the Cape.

These men were to pay special attention to the cultivation of the gardens, so that the object might be attained for which the settlement was intended, which was to provide the crews of the Company's fleets with refreshments.

They were to take care not to injure any of the Hottentot inhabitants in their persons or their cattle, but were to endeavour to gain their attachment by friendly treatment.

A diary of all events was to be kept, and enquiries were to be made for anything that could tend to reduce the expense or be of profit to the Company.

A copy of the document signed by Janssen and Proot was annexed to these instructions for the guidance of the expedition.

Reference: History and Ethnography of Africa South of the Zambesi by George McCall Theal.