Explore the world up close with this portable LCD Digital Microscope G1200 with 1-1200x magnification

by Marinus Oosthuizen

The last time I used a microscope, it was one of those with the eyepiece that you had to look through. Only one eye could look through it at a time, and you had to watch at the right angle or you wouldn't see anything through the lens.

But by now, technology has made it much more fun to use a microscope. Much more clear, and easy to record what you see.

To be more specific, I came into possession of this microscope:

It doesn't really have a brand name or anything, but we'll call it Portable LCD Digital Microscope G1200 with 1-1200x magnification.

I love this microscope. It has made using a microscope more fun for me.

With past microscopes, you could only watch. Recording with a video camera through the eyepiece was quite a mission which had only limited success.

But with this digital microscope, I can take a snapshot with its built-in functions, or record video at 720p or 1080p, all of which is stored on a microSD TF card (not included) that you slip into a side slot.

Only problem I have with this so far is that the magnification is limited compared to a previous microscope I owned.

You can for example using this digital microscope look at one of those tiny small black ants from very close-up, so that about half of the ant fills the entire screen (a surprising sight really - do it some time), but don't think you're going to see bacteria or germs or something microscopic like that. For that, this microscope's magnification is still too limited.

But for working with small things, like the inside of a watch or doing small circuit board work, this microscope is more than adequite and can be done without even nearing the limit of this microscope's magnification. I guess that's really more the scope of what it was built for.