How delicous is Lindt Creation Chocolate's Heavenly Creme Brulee?

by Switi Tuth

I've tasted some good chocolates in my day. And I thought perhaps I've tasted most all the good chocolate tastes there could be.

But nope, I found another one that's pretty darn good: Lindt Creation's Heavenly Creme Brulee.

I would recommend you eat this one when you're a little bit hungry, or feeling peckish. Not when you're stuffed, because for some reason it just doesn't taste as good then.

Warning: When you eat it, don't eat it too fast or bite down too hard, or the hard sugar creme brulee things in it might hurt your teeth pretty bad. Just eat it slowly and carefully, and savour the moment.

All in all, a very nice chocolate to add to your experiences of chocolates you've eaten.

Let's have a look at some info on the box:

Lindt & Sprungli master Swiss chocolatier since 1845.

Lindt Creation Heavenly creme Brulee: Extra fine milk chocolate with caramelised pieces of sugar and a creme filling.

Ingredients: Sugar, coca butter, whole milk powder, butterfat, cocoa mass, lactose (cow's milk), caramelised sugar (sugar, cocoa butter), skimmed milk powder, wafer [wheat & rice flours, sugar, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate)], emulsifier (soya lecithin), barley malt extract (gluten), flavourings.

Milk chocolate contains: Cocoa solids 30% min., Milk solids 20% min.

Contains: Cow's milk, wheat, soya and balrey (gluten).

May contain hazelnuts, almonds, other tree nuts and egg.

Manufactured in France by Lindt & Sprungli SAS, FR-64400 OLORON-SAINTE-MARIE.

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