Marius Mooikasteel's latest EENDAG film a scream. Of a dinosaur!

by Sandy Daniels

A secret tunnel to a secret underground room - check. A portal to another dimension - check. A mysterious island with dinosaur type monsters - CHECK! Marius Mooikasteel's latest EENDAG has got everything that makes me want to watch it!

In what is probably the coolest EENDAG episode so far, a teenaged Kevin Sweefarend first discovers a trunk with a letter inside in the basement.

The letter consists only of one line: "grate three under portals". Yep, sounds mysterious allright!

Takes Kevin a moment but eventually he somehow realises that there are portals under the fire grate.

Not long before he is on a mission down a long shaft underground to where a message in a bottle is awaiting him. This message has some rather complex claims about three "portals" that are under the house on Toringhoogte.

The closest one is right next to him, marked by an arch entryway.

And of course Kevin and Majoor Blaffinski go through it immediately.

The find themselves on a rock somewhere in the ocean. They can also see Trofis from there.

But a panicked someone comes running and tells them not to approach the island.

And then follows probably some of my favorite moments from this film: A dinosaur, or dinosaur-looking monster, comes running for this panicked someone who has to jump into a very rough sea in order to save himself.

This episode was thought out rather well, and executed very well. Of all the eight instalments of the first EENDAG movie series so far, I think this one is my favorite!

It's exciting, thrilling and suspenceful. Definitely a recommended watch! Watch EENDAG 1-08: The Secret Tunnel now!