Beauty of Kunene river at sunset captured perfectly in online film

by Harry Monzo

There's this very touching scene in a film called "KAOKOLAND SAFARI" that is really food for the soul with it's breathtaking beauty!

Probably not many of us have been anywhere near the Kunene river, unless you're a salted world traveler who have been to Southern Africa.

Well now a scene from an online film called KAOKOLAND SAFARI shares with us the beauty of a boating trip on the Kunene at dusk.

This is one of three of my favorite scenes from this travel journal documentary film.

The travelers in question go on a boating trip for a sunset cruise. A steersman called Peter Morgan drives the boat. As an aside, apparently Peter Morgan used to be an Airbus pilot.

The travelers spot two crocodiles, and the narrator mentions a hippopotamus also, although the latter is never shown in the film.

They go ashore in Angola where they drink a sundowner against the background of a really beautiful sunset.

Their return trip is very, very scerene. The beauty of the reflections in the river is remarkable.

I must say this scene really spoke to me. Made me wish I was there.

Watch KAOKOLAND SAFARI here, for this beautiful scene and many others as they travel around the Kaokoveld in Namibia.