Gift idea: AXE Dark Temptation as irresistible as Chocolate Body Spray + Shower gel + Eau de Toilette + Toiletry bag

by Jonas Gucci

If you're looking for a men's gift but don't have that much to spend on it, the AXE Dark Temptation gift combo might be just what you need:

It contains a toiletry bag, inside of which is AXE Dark Temptation cologne, AXE Dark Temptation Deodorant Body Spray, and AXE Dark Temptation Refreshing Shower gel.

The deodorant has a nice twist cap, that you twist and a part of it comes out. This is nice because some other makes of deodorant have that loose cap thing that you have to take off first. I like this AXE patent better.

The deodorant also smells not unpleasant. I say it provides at least 10 to 12 hours of protection from odors.

The Eau de Toilette is also rather nice. I'm not sure the scent lasts all day long though. Maybe 4 or 5 hours before you can't smell it on you anymore. Probably depends on how hot it is and how much you sweat too, with the sweat lifting the smell off your skin.

The shower gell body wash is a thick liquid that resembles tofee or molten caramel in color. It's got a very nice smell, like desert or something. The smell disappears off your skin within one hour of washing with it though.

Right after washing with the shower gell, your skin feels so nice and smooth. Very nice feel right after washing with it. The feeling soon disappears after your shower though.

The toiletry bag is padded quite nicely. Just thick enough. Not sure how many people still use this kind of toiletry bag, but even if you don't get this for the toiletry bag, the afore-discussed products inside make the purchase worth it.

Personally I paid R69,95 (US$5.10) at The Hub.

I'm rather pleased with this purchase. Now I think I'll buy one or two more as Christmas gifts for family members.

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