Sexy shirtless actor sizzles in scary scenes

by Samantha Bluegum

Sexy fit actor Hannes makes these scary KEVIN SWEEFAREND scenes extra great to watch by showing off his great physique on stage.

In this scene, Hannes the hunk plays a pop-superstar who performs shirtless for his screaming fans, showing off his washboard abs.

As an aside, in real life, the hunky actor is also really a musician.

This particular scene is however just a dream, and soon turns into a nightmare too. There's something like a huge explosion that obliterates the hordes of fans, and then out from the ground arise a huge devilish-looking character.

This monster is a dream manifestation of the main bad guy in the KEVIN SWEEFAREND video series. His name is Madman Uys.

Madman Uys wants our pop star to start sprinkling the lyrics of his songs with the messages that Madman Uys wants him to. Madman Uys' plan is to prepare the masses for his take-over of it.

In exchange, our pop superstar called BSJ, or Barend Sweefarend Junior, will receive riches beyond his wildest dreams.

Will our pop star accept this lucrative offer from what is obviously a power hungry evil maniac?

Watch KEVIN SWEEFAREND: What should I do with my future?, and find out!