So what is "The Journals Of Kevin Sweefarend" all about?

by Samantha Robin

From time to time, you may stumble upon it on YouTube or see it mentioned in an online article. But what is this "The Journals Of Kevin Sweefarend" all about?

"The Journals Of Kevin Sweefarend" tells the story of a young man called Kevin Sweefarend. His life dream is to create robots that will help mankind accomplish their life dreams.

The method to accomplish this will be to create an avatar robot for each person who can afford it. This robot can then be programmed to do all sorts of jobs in the workplace, earning the owner of the robot an income while the owner himself is free to pursue his true life dreams.

However, soon an evil corporation, working under the names Muyz Systems, Muykevkro and many more, see Kevin as an asset that will help them accomplish their dream of taking over and controlling the world. But first they need to convince Kevin to join their evil forces. And Kevin isn't too keen on working for the dark side.

But the head of all evil in the story, Madman Uys, is not going to back down or let anybody interfere with his plans of controlling not only the world, but also as much of the universe as possible.

Madman Uys has already destroyed Kevin's grandfather, Barend Sweefarend, a discoverer and traveler who found out about Madman Uys' evil plans for the world. He tried to warn the world by publishing his findings in a book, but for people of the time, this was simply too far fetched to be true.

His reputation ridiculed, nobody would ever publish any more of his works or give his research any serious attention.

But Kevin finds his old books and journals in the basement, where they have been forgotten. And more than that, Kevin has a hunch they are true.

Will Kevin continue the work of his grandfather Barend Sweefarend, and risk also being labeled a crazy person?

Some serious decisions are made in this series.

Start watching "The Journals Of Kevin Sweefarend" as it unfolds, and join in the excitement of the adventures!