You've seen the clips of the cat saying "mama!". You've seen the one with the cat "playing piano". Now fall in love with the talking cat Miauli!

by Joe Jiggins

Okay, so maybe it's not quite the same thing. Those other cats in those Youtube clips are real cats.

But how long do they stay funny for? How long does saying the same word or doing just one thing stay funny?

Well thank goodness when you're bored with those, you can start watching Miauli.

Miauli is done with the nicestly designed puppets I've ever seen. No really, you know how sometimes you watch these puppet shows and the puppets are just really ugly? No offence to any puppet shows of course.

Well now you can watch beautiful puppets being very cute and funny.

Truly this is probably my most favorite puppet show ever!

Start watching Miauli on MooiKasteel.Com, and let the humor, the fun, the cuteness and the laughs grow on you.