Where to find the world's cheapest stock footage?

by Hendrik Worcester

If you're looking for the world's cheapest stock footage to use in your movies, youtube videos or memes, there's one place to check first: ClipsForMyVideo.Download.

ClipsForMyVideo.Download contains a growing collection of stock video clips and video backgrounds that are priced anywhere from $1 to $5. That's it. Cheapest prices for stock footage anywhere.

Well actually the cheapest would be free, which you have probably also seen on some sites. The problem with the free sites is that sometimes the video quality is really not up to par, because the compression is too severe to use most of the time. Sometimes it's ok but other times they tried to make the file size small, and went too far. Blocky video is sometimes the result. Can't really use that in a professional production, or even a semi-professional movie. Also, sometimes the shots aren't all that nice. Amateurish even.

On ClipsForMyVideo.Download you will find the video quality range from good to excellent. The file sizes are quite big, but that means they are good quality and can easily be used in your own production without visibly being of an inferior quality to your other shots.

You will also find that a lot of the clips are stable shots, for example of the beach or the ocean, which you can use as video backgrounds for interviews or your talky youtube videos.

The only problem you might encounter at this time, is that the site is still very new and the collection of clips is still growing. That means the variety is still limited. This will however improve drastically as more and more clips are added over time.

For the time being, I would suggest you check them out anyway because if you do find a suitable clip, you will save a lot on it compared to what you might pay for a similar clip on other stock footage sites. Also, no subscription is necessary. Simply click on BUY, pay and download. It's that simple.

Check out the alphabetical list of clips for something you can use now.