Bob Martin Arthripet tablets for bone and joint stiffness in pets

by Martin Robbens

Bob Martin Arthripet Tablets, Extra Strong sulphur & vitamin supplement. 30 tablets.

A nutritional aid in the management of moderate to severe bone and joint stiffness and rheumatic conditions in old dogs and cats.

Bob Martin Arthripet Strong tablets are extremely palatable. Feed the tablet alone, alternatively crush and mix into food.

Bob Martin Arthripet Strong is indicated as a nutrutional aid to manage symptoms of moderate to severe bone and joint conditions such as actue signs of lameless, especially in the mornings; extreme difficulty to rise; unsteady movement; inability to run or play; regular restlessness of crying in the evenings.

To realise all the benefits of Bob Martin Arthripet extra strong, continue with supplementation for at least 4 weeks. Thereafter the dosage can be reduced until a maintenance level is reached (normally 50 per cent of initial dose), however, if symptoms do not improve or become worse after 2 weeks continuous use, it is strongly advised that veterinary advice be obtained to obtain a diagnosis of your pet's condition.

I suppose this product helps; it's very difficult to say with certainty how much this product helps better the pet's situation and how much other factors contribute. That's just the way it is with this kind of product.

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