Qualitel Transmission QT6206B Retro corded telephone with caller display and speakerphone

by Jaco Lombardt

This telephone is intended for connection to analogue networks.

Caller Display (Requires subscription to Caller ID services. Please enquire at your service provider).
Multifunction handset: Can be used with certain Smartphones.
12 Digit LCD display.
28 incoming and 5 outgoing call log.
5 digit area code filtering.
Predialing and edit function.
Music on hold.
8 selectrable ringer melodies.
Pulse and tone dialing mode compantible.
Adjustable ringer volume.
Hands-free speakerphone.
Anti-dialing from parallel phones.
Redial and auto-redial function.
Flash function.
LCD blue backlight display (This feature will only function when batteries are inserted into the telphone).

I love the look of it. Looks retro yet very modern and stylish.

The problem I had with it is connecting it to a South African landline. It worked but it never rang properly. There was something wrong with the ringing of it.

I think maybe it's because the phone must be connected to analogue networks, and perhaps South Africa uses a digital network. Or Telkom is just useless.

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