Tarzan Shoes Review

by Johannes Woesterling

Some very comfortable shoes that slip on easily and look good is what many of us are looking for.

With that need in mind, I have come across a few pairs throughout the years.  Some of them were allright, and some were a disappointment.  Some of them were good for a while but later on deteriorated or something of the shoe's structure gave in and started becoming a nuisance.  Or just plain ugly from wear and tear. 

And then, not too long ago in a store, I came across a pair of bootlike slip-on shoes.  Curious about whether these are finally the shoes I have been looking for, I picked them up. 

"Tarzan Shoes" they  are called, with a picture of Tarzan of the apes on the box.   Mmmmm... that's very interesting;  I didn't think Tarzan ever wore shoes.  Doesn't he always go barefoot?  

"All handemade" it says on the box.  Uh-oh.  I don't like "all handmade" shoes.  Experience has taught me that this means they aren't made precisely to size, and you usually end up with one shoe of the pair a little smaller than the other. 

Only one way to know I suppose.  I need to try them on.  So I take them out of the box. 

Well, they certainly look good.  Heftily priced, real leather.  They also don't feel too heavy.  Lightish real leather slip-on boots - we're right on track so far.  Now, what do they feel like when worn? 

I put them on.  Slight disappointment befalls me, for although the right foot feels comfortable as can be, the left boot feels looser around my left foot.  I'm afraid that happens with hand-made shoes sometimes. 

But wait, if they're handmade, it means each and every pair is sliiiiiiiiiightly different.  Pretty soon I've opened up many more boxes and try to find a left boot that feels to be the same size as the one on my right foot. 

I finally find one that feels right.  I buy the boots.  I'm so happy with my purchase! 

Unfortunately, at home, I don't know what the difference between now and the time in the store is, but now they feel imbalanced again. The left boot just keeps wanting to slide off my foot.  I thought I had found a left boot that was good, but now things feel different again. 

Over the next few days, I'm afraid I've worn the boots until they're too dirty to take back to the store, but by now I start leaving them in my wardrobe without wearing them - that slight difference in the size of the two same numbered boots have gotten to me now, and it's irritating to feel like the left boot keeps feeling looser and like it wants to slide off my foot, while I walk.  I hate these shoes now. 

In conclusion, if these shoes were made more precisely to size, they would be wonderful - the goodlooking, easy slip-on shoes I crave.  But this pair unfortunately deceived me into believing they would be what I was looking for.  Now they're just a white elephant in my closet.  Bummer. 


4 years later I tried them on again, and for some reason, now they feel perfect on my feet and I love them again! I wear them many times now. Ain't life funny that way!

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