by Larry Lozenheim

M-G-M presents "Singin' in the rain" starring Gene Kelly, Donald O'connor, Debbie Reynolds.

With Jean Hagen, Millard Mitchell and Cyd Charisse.

Directed by Gene Kelly and Stanly Donen. Produced by Arthur Freed.

"The greatest Hollywood musical ever made!" - Roger Ebert.

An exhilarating musical comedy, Singin' In The Rain is "extraordinarily exuberant, always youthful and joyously indestructible".

Features unforgettable classic songs.

98 minutes.

A very nice movie if you like those old, dancy movies with a very simple story and lots of dancing sequences on beautiful, elaborate stages.

The plot goes something like this: Movies are no longer silent, but now that the actors can be heard, it poses a problem for a filmmaker or director or whomever who has an actress who's been a famous star so far in silent films, but her voice is so offputting and piercing and irritating, that she will just ruin the studio if she now starts speaking in movies.

So they find another woman to be a voice standin, leading to more problems down the line when the standin wants recognition. Or something along those lines; it's been a while since I watched this movie but that's about the story, heavily padded with long dancing sequences.

Still, a good one if you can appreciate that style.