New Balance Black & Yellow Trainers

by Darius Fox

I always have a pair of general shoes I wear basically every day.  I don't go out with these shoes;  for going out or going to town I wear fancy dedicated pairs of fancier shoes I keep mostly unworm and clean.

But my everyday pair of shoes need to be strong, very comfortable, and very durable obviously, in order to be worn so much.  All my daily wearing usually wears a pair of shoes out in about 18 months to two years.  The problem is usually that on the sides, the shoes start tearing away from the soles. 

My last two pairs of shoes were Nikes.  I think this is my preferred shoe for regular daily wear.  Very comfortable at least for the first year. 

However, Nike is usually also the more expensive shoe.  So after my last pair of Nikes tore off their soles, I decided to try out another brand.

And that is how I came into possession of a pair of black and neon yellow New Balances

My first impression of these was quite good.  Slightly cheaper than the more expensive Nikes, and about the same as the same pretty daily wear Nikes. 

It felt quite comfortable on my feet too. 

And that is where I wish I could stop tell you about them, for that would be a happy ending. 

But life doesn't have endings.  Life carries on.  How would these shoes perform over time? 

Well, there's another thing I do with my shoes - just shove my feet in.  I don't always have the time to undo the laces when I take them off, or when I put them on.  So, the laces stay done up and I just shove my feet in when I put them on and pull my feet out when I take them off. 

For the latter purpose I'm afraid these New Balances didn't quite do.  From pushing my feet into them, the right shoe of the pair started developing a problem in the heel.  That little crescent shape in the back started bending over at the top, underneath the material.  I tried pushing it back, but it's now staying in this new position.  

So now the edges of that pushes into my heel all the time.  This isn't too bad, but it does sometimes get on my nerve when I just want complete comfort on my feet.

I like these New Balances, and they weren't too bad and shall actually deliver service for a long time to people who have the time to always loosen the laces, put their feet in and then do the laces up again, instead of ramming their foot into a tied shoe like me.  But for myself personally, I believe the next pair for me might be expensive Nikes again.

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