12V light for solar powered / battery powered lighting: Jinwang LED DC 12V 1W-3W Switched light, model HB11SET/B

by Henry Lichtendor

When you're starting to work your lights off of battery power, likely charged by a solar panel, or you're camping or wherever you need lights to run off of a battery, you will need a light socket and bulb that can work off of that battery, most likely 12 Volts.

I would suggest you stay away from those fluorescent bulbs, for although they may also work, you may find that right off the bat they aren't of equal strength. Some might have started going black inside, and such lights have a very weak radiance.

A better option in my experience would be an LED bulb, such as depicted here:

The light from these just seem brighter, and they don't seem to start as dim as the fluorescent ones before they reach optimal brightness.

This Jinwang LED depicted here is very easy to use, especially as it already comes with a lamp switch on a cable that is long enough to have the cable connected to a battery, run up the wall, and then have the lamp hanging from the ceiling.

It is very easy to operate. All you need to do is to connect the red clamp to the positive pole of your battery, and the black clamp to the negative pole.

Flip on the switch, and viola! A strong enough light to light up a room of about 3 metres by 3 metres I'd say, from this 3W bulb. If the room is larger than that, you can install two or more such lights evenly across the room.

The light would be strong enough to do all your nightly activities by, even read, if you sit close enough to the bulb.

If the light starts getting dim, it's most likely your battery that needs charging.

All in all, a rather handy piece of technology, and of course you can cut out any such thing as an electric bill if you can run your lights off of a battery charged by a solar panel.

Info on the packaging:

Jinwang LED DC12V



LUMINANCE: One 3W bulb = 5X9W


Do not expose to moisture. Can not be used with electronic dimmers.

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