Connex SLIM BOOK 14" Intel Atom Quad Core Laptop: My review

by Henry Jones

A rather affordable make of laptop came onto the market a few years ago. The name: Connex.

Today I am going to give you my review of their SLIM BOOK laptop that I purchased for myself.

The greatest hook of this laptop is of course that it is well under R5,000 South African Rands. That is probably its main selling point.

However, that also means that it's probably not the most rugged laptop around. I suspect materials in its manufacturing were kept to a minimum.

Not that I have anything to complain about. Mine is still in perfect working order after almost two years of purchase. And unlike many other Windows laptops, it has not slowed down to a complete crawl over time, regarding performance speed.

Note however that my positive experience of it appears to be one of the few positive experiences of this SLIM BOOK laptop. I have noticed that other people's reviews are very negative.

Their experiences seem to be regarding durability, availability of replacement chargers, or after sales service.

In short, their laptops broke. The screen cracked, or the laptop only boots into a black screen, or the chargers stop working after a time. One review states that their laptop only worked for two months and then went dead.

And unfortunately it seems getting this computer fixed or finding replacement parts is not really as easy as switching on the kitchen light.

So why have I not experienced any of the problems? I do not know for sure, but I am going to venture a guess: I think it's because mine just stands still on a desk (as opposed to being carried from class to class and put in a bag or taken out or being picked up or put down all the time, as a student might do), with the charger always plugged in (as opposed to being plugged in and out repeatedly over months).

So would I recommend it? Yes, I'd recommend it if you are going to use it in the same types of calm circumstances as me, as I have just described above.

If however you need something you can carry around all the time and throw into a backpack and take out and slap down on a table repeatedly every single day, then you probably might get yourself something more expensive and rugged that can handle all the wear and tear.

For me however, this was indeed a good buy and I got good use out of it so far.

Watch a video exploring and setting up the CONNEX SLIM BOOK laptop