L8STAR BM60 world's smallest flip phone review & discussion

by mokimachi

The L8STAR BM60 has been one of my favorite cell phones I've ever owned.

The big appeal of course is the size. Very small but still easy to operate.

The phone is about as big and thick as your thumb finger, perhaps slightly bigger but you get the idea.

It fits of course easily into any pocket, so you can carry it around with you everywhere.

You can insert a TF card and listen to your mp3 music, as well as download your own ringtones onto a TF card from the internet, and then insert the card into this phone and then set your ringtone to whatever one you like.

For some reason you cannot change the text message tone, but the ringtone you can change.

The only drawback of the phone is the battery life. If you have a smartphone and you're used to charging the battery every single night, this will not be a problem for you. However, some non-smart phones can last for a week or more on a single battery charge, and that is what I like.

However, this little phone's battery needs to be charged every day too, just like a smartphone. I take it it's because the battery of the phone has to be very small, obviously to fit into the small phone, so I'm afraid the battery capacity isn't very large and the phone will need charging every 1 to 2 days.

But aside from that, this phone serves me well. The ring is loud and clear, and so is the speakerphone so you do not have to hold the phone up to your ear if you do not want to.

Very nice one. Want one? Buy one here.

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