ASUS F540S laptop computer Review

by Jones Svenski

The quick technical specs for the ASUS F540S are as follows:

CPU: Intel Dual-Core N3050, up to 2.16 GHz.


Memory: 2GB

OS: Win10

HDD: 500GB

Warranty 12 months.

SonicMaster Incredible Realistic Sound.

<2kg Lightweight 15-inch laptop.

Type C Reversicble USB 3.1 port.


What is my impressions of the first few days of working on this computer?

Slightly negative I'm afraid.

The problem I think is that the operating system is Windows 10. Frankly I'm not sure how Microsoft is even still in business, or why.

A Windows 10 computer in my experience is one that completely locks you out and completely ignores you. You as the owner of the computer means nothing to this computer, or to Microsoft by the looks of it.

The reason I say so is because this computer, running Windows 10, will do all sorts of updates (I'm guessing that's what it's doing), and get so busy doing it, that it might ignore any requests you make, and not open any programs until it decides it is ready.

It is also not the right computer and operating system if you sometimes need to do stuff urgently. You may find that sometimes when you're in a hurry to do something on the computer, you turn it on, and you get a screen "Getting Windows ready, please do not turn off your computer".

I'm assuming this means it is updating or applying updates. So there you sit and you can't do anything on the computer, and just have to wait it out. This can get extremely frustrating if you're in a hurry or have an emergency.

I'm also not very impressed with the "ASUS GIFT BOX" you get with this computer. Not an actual box. It's really just a software program that prompts you to install many free apps.

The problem is, 10 days later you realise many of these "gifts" from the "Asus Gift box" are no gifts at all, but free trialware. After about ten days, you must buy them in order to keep using them. I think somebody needs to explain to ASUS what the word "gift" means.

If you've been using Windows 7 up until you buy something with Windows 10 on it, you might feel very lost too. Windows 10 looks more like the kind of tablet operating systems you might have seen on some tablets.

Even what you are used to call "software" or "programs" or "software programs", are now called apps and are installed from the internet.

You probably won't know where to find your usual programs that you have been using. Keep at it; you'll get to use them yet, but yes, it's a bit of a mission and some online searching to get them.

One problem I ran into very early, is that there is actually NO PROPER PHOTO VIEWER on Windows 10. Yes, can you imagine?

Where in Windows 7 you used to just click on a photo and it opened with Windows Photo Viewer or Image Viewer or something of the like, there is now not anything to view it with.

Well there is, but when you click a photo, it takes about one or two minutes for the thing to load. For much of that time, you stare at a black screen, waiting for the photo to show.

You'll probably do better installing some other free image viewer or something off of the internet, but I'm just gobsmacked that Windows 10 doesn't have a proper, quick-working image viewer. It's really so basic.

I find the computer running Windows 10 is rather slow, or so is my impression.

It is also very slow to switch between running programs.

It seems after a while, probably when all the updates are installed that your computer didn't ship with, it doesn't take quite as long anymore to get going though.

But I still think if you were to install an easy, fast operating system like Linux Lite or something of the like, you'll be much happier with this computer.

Unfortunately it is VERY, VERY difficult to install a different operating system. Where you might have been used to just boot up from the Linux Lite CD for example, and when installed it will work automatically, you can guess again if you're going to do it with a computer like this.

It's firstly a mission to find the bios screen so you can choose to boot from the DVD-Rom, and secondly, after installing Linux Lite, you will find your computer still runs Windows 10 anyway, with no option to choose to run the second operating system you have installed.

It's probably not impossible to change this, but it's not going to be easy, especially not for the computer novice.

Anyway, after some weeks or months of getting used to this computer, you might actually think it's not so bad. Or maybe you just dropped your standards of effeciency by then, and the change isn't the computer but from within you.

UPDATE: After about 2 years of getting slower and slower, probably with updates but who knows what, this computer has become COMPLETELY unusable. Booting takes forever, and is sometimes unsuccessful. Once it has booted up, it also is unusable and takes forever to adhere to any requests input. Programs won't open and is unresponsive after opening. Must say this computer is a complete disappointment. Garbage.

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