Logik Hepa Vacuum Cleaner Tp-vc612b

by Henry Solinski

If you have a small apartment and would like to buy yourself a vacuum cleaner on a budget, you may be interested in the LOGIK TP-VC612B HEPA Vacuum Cleaner.

The first thing that may lure you into buying one, is the price. If your supermarket or vacuum cleaner store stock this product, it will probably be either the cheapest or one of the cheapest vacuum cleaners they have.

About a year ago I bought myself the LOGIK HEPA Vacuum Cleaner. Here follows my experience:

I have a LOT of dust where I live. In fact, it is futile to dust anything whatsoever. I'll take a microfibre cloth and dust off a table so it's sparkly clean and completely dust free, and then come back an hour later and find I can again draw with my finger in the dust on that very table.

Needless to say, vacuum cleaning the carpet is very essential or I may find that I sneeze a lot. So, I urgently needed a vacuum cleaner so when I found this LOGIK HEPA vacuum cleaner, I thought why not.

The unit is very compact, and takes very little space to store.

The first time I started vacuum cleaning with it, it worked like a dream! It sucked the dirt and dust off the carpet very visibly.

The dirt and dust is caught in a clear jug shaped container that easily unhooks from the unit and you can throw the dust and dirt out. (PS: Don't put this clear jug part anywhere but back on the vacuum cleaner, otherwise, as have happened to people I had working in my home, people may mistake it for a plastic jug and use it for serving themselves some water to drink. I don't think that would be very hygienic.)

However, after vacuum cleaning roughly three square metres, the sucking power got weaker as the filter gets clogged and the jug gets full of dust and dirt. After thoroughly cleaning just three square metres, I had to empty the jug and clean the filter.

Now, at first I thought I would have to replace the filter after cleaning just such a small space. Fortunately not; you can use this filter again if you just thoroughly clean it. I have even started taking the filter apart and washing it in the washing machine. It works too. The filter doesn't look like it's brand new, but it can still be used again this way very satisfactorily.

After cleaning about 6 square metres, it seems I have reached the limit this unit can clean at a time. It cut out. I didn't know what was going on, but after letting it stand for 15 minutes to cool down, it started up again. So, remember to make sure you switch it off or unplug it when this happens, otherwise it's going to scare the crap out of you when it just suddenly starts up by itself again.

I'm very happy with this little vacuum cleaner, as I like to clean a small part of the house a day.

A few drawbacks it has though:

I think this unit was developed in a country, most likely China, where people live in very small rooms, and this vacuum cleaner would clean less than 6 square metres at a time. If you have larger rooms like me, and you'd like to clean the whole place in one go, this unit is not going to cut it, as it keeps cutting out when it gets hot after cleaning about 6 square metres.

Secondly, I don't think whoever designed this unit lives in a very dusty place or that they have any idea how much dust can accumulate in a very short time. I have to clean the filter and empty the jug every 3 square metres.

Also, the filter is VERY expensive. It costs over R50 for the little cheaply made thing that is clogged after cleaning only 3 square metres. That is why, as I stated, I started washing my filter in the washing machine, because to keep paying R50 for a filter after every few uses is ludicrous.

I don't think the manufacturers are responsible for the high price of the filters though. It's my personal belief that it's the sellers who know that now you have the unit, you need the accessories for it, so they mark them up substantially.

Anyway, that's my experience of the LOGIK HEPA Vacuum Cleaner TP-VC612B then.