AVP2 (Alien versus Predator 2) movie review

by Alien Series Superfan

So, you loved Alien Versus Predator, right? Yes, of course you did. So did I. It was nice to see the alien and the predator fighting each other in the same movie for once.

That is why I was happy when I finally found the DVD for it in the store. Or I thought that's what it was, only it wasn't. Only when I watched it did I realise I bought something different:

Can you believe I never saw the 2 in the title? Well the thing isn't even labeled properly. Anybody could have made that mistake.

Anyway, so what is this then? The sequel to Alien Versus Predator?

Yeah, something like that. Except this one isn't very exciting at all.

It seems it was made by amateurs who somehow got the rights to use the Alien Versus Predator franchise, if it's a franchise, and they made a movie which unfortunately doesn't quite make the grade.

What's it about? Come-on, you know what it's about. More aliens and predators killing people and each other. So we're not even going to go into the plot. It's the same old plot except now that it's been two weeks since I watched this DVD, I cannot remember much about it at all. That's how unmemorable it is.

For some reason, it seems the filmmakers themselves did not believe their effects would make the grade, so they tried to hide as much of it as possible by making it as dark throughout the movie as possible.

Really, at any time when the action starts, the screen is 80 to 90 percent pitch, pitch black, with just a small little edge lit here and there, or just either one or the other. I thought perhaps my TV isn't set right, but no, it's set perfect. It's the movie that's actually made to just be a black screen with very, very little visible.

To make it even worse, as soon as the action starts, the predators or aliens or whomever somehow makes the electricity of the entire town where the story takes place, go off. This means from then on, everything is even more dark and the screen is 98 percent black all the time.

I can only think it's because they thought the movie didn't look mean enough when you could see everything. They probably thought it looks amateur or something, so they went with the old "it's what you don't see that scares you" cliché, making everything just plain dark and black and obviously turned the contrast setting up in the editing so that dark parts of the screen is pitch, pitch, pitch black and just about nothing is visible on screen at all.

So it was very disappointing. This was of course not shown on the packaging, for on the packaging, false advertising prevailed:

See in the photo above that appears on the DVD case, how clearly you can see every arty little detail on that alien? It's lit nicely and you can see the art that went into the sculpture of the puppet.

But noooooooooo, don't for one second think the actual movie looks like that. The alien is just black with only sometimes a slight lit up outline. I really don't think you EVER see the alien or the predator properly in the entire 96 minute film.

Very disappointing "sequel" to Alien Versus Predator, and I have no idea why 20th Century Fox distributed the thing. It just throws away their good name. If their name was ever good.