AIM Alarm Clock Radio, model ACR9 - Very nice bedside radio clock!

by Johan van der Walt

I've had a few alarm clocks next to my bed. None of them were to my liking.

Some of them just tick too hard at night.

Some you have to press a button to see the time in the dark, and it only shows it for a few moments then it switches off.

Some project the time onto the ceiling, but you also have to press a button first, and of course first find it in the dark.

I wasn't quite happy with any of them.

But then I found the AIM model ACR9 alarm clock radio. This one I love!

It shows the time in clear red numbers all the time in the dark.

And of course it has a radio included. The speakers aren't hi-fi speakers, but I have found it quite acceptable for a little bedside table radio anyway. It switches on easily with just one push of a button. No fuss.

It has an AC cord that plugs into the standard household electrical socket.

This unit has a backup 2 AAA sized battery facility, which provides power in the event of a power cut, so you don't lose your settings.

If there is a power failure, the time setting, alarm setting and all the memory setting will be maintained due to the DC power fupply by the battery.

The LED display will not be illuminated though, to save power.

After AC power resumes, the unit can function properly immediately according to the setting before the power failure.

Operating the radio:

Press the on/off button once to turn on the radio. The radio is receiving in FM band with the FM indicator turned on and teh LED is showing the frequency. After 5 seconds, the LED will change back to show the time.

Adjust the volume by pressing VOL+ button to increase volume, or VOL- to decrease.

Volume range: 00 (mute) to 16 (maximum)

Press the TUN- button or TUN+ button to tune into the desired station by either of the 2 following methods:

Manual tuning:

Press either of the 2 tuning buttons, TU- or TU+ repeatedly until the desired station is reached.

The radio can tune starting from 87.5 MHz to 108MHz.

Auto Scanning:

Press and hold either of the 2 tuning buttons for more than 1 second and auto scan will be performed. Scanning will stop automatically when a clear radio signal is found.

Repeat the same procedure until your desired radio station is found.

In some areas where the radio signal is not strong enough, the scanning process may not be able to stop automatically. Use manual tuning then.

To turn off the radio, simply press the ON/OFF button.

The current radio station and the current volume level will be memorized at the time the radio is turned off, to resume when radio is turned on again.

For the best FM reception, extend the FM antenna wire to its full length and vary the direction to capture the strongest signal. Do not connect the FM antenna wire to an outdoor antenna.

You can preset up to 10 stations in 10 memories for each band. These 10 memories are indicated as preset numbers P01 - P10.

To set them, tune the radio to a station and then press and hold the SET button for more than 1 second until the last memorised preset number appears and flashes. You can then choose the preset number that you want to memorize this station at by pressing MEMORY- to step down the sequence or MEMORY + to step up the sequence.

Once the preset number is chosen, it will keep flashing for 5 seconds. Press the SET button once within these 5 seconds and the tuned station will be memorized in this chosen preset number and the LED will stop flashing and change to show the frequency.

In order to tune to a preset station, when the radio is on, press SET button or MEMORY+ once, and the radio will be tuned to the station stored in the preset number next to the last loaded preset number.

Please do not hold or press continuously the SET button in this stage. If this is done by mistake, the unit will enter into the mode of presetting the station, with the preset number flashing. In such a case, do not press any button until the LED stops flashing. Otherwise, your set memory may easily be disturbed.

How to set the time:

Switch off the radio. Press and hold SET button for 1 second until the display flashes, then press the HOUR button for setting the hour and MINUTE for the minutes.

After setting the correct time, either press SET button once, or just leave for 5 seconds until the display stops flashing.

The clock will now run from the set time.

This product allows for a dual alarm function.

Each alarm function can be set independently, either wake to radio, or wake to buzzer.

When any one alarm is set waking to radio, please be reminded to select the desired band, station and VOLUME LEVEL before turning off the radio.

Setting the alarm(s):

To set the alarm time, the radio must be turned off.

Press ALARM1 button once, and the alarm time and either Alarm1 Buzzer indicator or Alarm1 Radio indicator will flash.

Press HOUR button for selecting the hour, and MINUTE for minutes.

After setting the desired alarm time, either press ALARM1 button again, or simply wait for 5 seconds until the display returns to the current time and the set alarm time is confirmed.

Now press ALARM1 button to choose the alarm function status.

Sleep function: When the radio is on, press the SLEEP button (also acting as the SNOOZE button) repeatedly until the LED display shows the disired time to count down from, starting at 90 for 90 minutes. Pressing it again will make it 10 minutes less every time.

After the time on the display has run out, the radio will switch off automatically.

The same long SLEEP button acts as the SNOOZE button. I'm sure you're familiar with the snooze function. You press it when the alarm goes off, and then it will be quiet until the alarm goes off again in a few minutes.

Power consumption: 5W

Speaker: 57 mm, 8 Ω, 0.5W

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