Qualitel Transmission QT6206B retro corded telephone with caller display and speakerphone

by Wade Wanton

I found a rather striking telephone when I was looking for a new telephone recently: The Qualitel Transmission QT6206B retro corded telephone with caller display and speakerphone.

This telephone looks sort of like a mix between a telephone from the 80's or before, and modern art.

It has a round dial, but they are really buttons in a circle. Takes a call or two to get used to the layout of the buttons, but you get these soon.

It requires batteries for the display to light up blue.

In my experience, it has more functions that one would ever use, unless you're a professional office telephone dialing person or something. Still, I guess it's good to have those functions, should you ever need it.

In my experience, it also has a bit of trouble ringing properly on the South African telephone line. It does make a ringing sound, but it's like something is out of sync. It does ring though.

All in all, I'm happy with this telephone, because it looks good.

Allright, let's look at some info on the box:

Qualitel Transmission QT6206B retro corded telephone with caller display and speakerphone.

This telephone is intended for connection to analogue networks.

- Caller identification

- Call log / incoming and outgoing numbers

- Multifuntion handset / compatible with certain Smartphones

- Selectable ringer melodies

- Hands free speakerphone

- LCD display with 12 digits

- 8 selectable ringer melodies

- handset compatible with certain smartphones (apparently the handset can plug into a smartphone through a cable)

Parts list:

QT6206B telephone base x 1

Telephone handset x 1

Curly cord x 1

Line cord x 1

Instruction Manual x 1

Batteries not included. DC 4.5V (3x 1,5V AAA) required.

Features as listed on back of box:

- Caller Display

- Multifunction handset: can be used with certain smartphones

- 12 digit LCD display

- 28 incoming and 5 outgoing call log

- 5 digit area code filtering

- Predialing and edit function

- Music on hold

- 8 selectable ringer melodies

- Pulse and tone dialing mode compatible

- Adjustable ringer volume

- Hands-free speakerphone

- Anti-dialing from parallel phones

- Redial and auto-redial function

- Flash function

- LCD blue backlight display (This feature will only function when batteries are inserted into the telephone)

Caller display requires subscription to Caller ID services. Please enquire at your service provider.

ICASA approved TE-2012/181 Made in China. Some interesting excerpts from the instruction booklet:

Should a call not be answered (missed call) and a call is again received from the same number, the "REP" icon will be displayed.

When the anti-dialing feature is set to ON, calls can not be made from a parallel extension.

During a conversation, press the HOLD/RING key to put the call on hold and the other party will then hear music. Press HOLD/RING again to continue the conversation.

To transfer a call to another extension, press the FLASH key followed by the extension number.

If the phone doesn't ring when someone calls, check the bottom of the phone unit for the ringing volume. It can be set to HI, LO and OFF. Not sure why OFF but yeah, your problem might be that the ringing function is set to off.

The handset can be used for conversation on some smartphones that accommodate a 3.5mm audio jack and is compatible with the connection type and wiring of the handset of this telephone.

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