Home teeth whitening: How to use a home teeth whitening kit

by Whitey Black

So, you want to blind people when you smile? 

There are many home teeth whitening kits on the market that you can try to whiten your teeth.

We thought we'd test a product on the market that claims it can whiten your teeth fast, using light technology.  It's called "Whitelight Tooth Whitening System".  We put it to the test and can now tell you our results. 

Firstly, let's look at the information on the packaging. 

NEW!  WhiteLight (TM) Tooth Whitening System.  Whiten teeth FAST using Light Technology!  Results in just 10 "minutos". 

Dr. Harvey Silverman DMD, FASDA, FABAD:  "White Light, now you can effectively whten your teeth at home."

Shandi Finnessey Miss USA 2004, White Light believer:  "I know the im portance of a beautiful smile... you should try the WhiteLight System!"

Fast, Convenient, Easy To use! 

Clinically Tested

Targets & Removes Tough Stains.  Easy to maintain for Long Lasting Results!


Well, I suppose my teeth could use some whitening so I bought it. 

According to the instructions, first, you should brush your teeth. 

Then, open the WhiteLight package.  There are two pieces of soft rubbery plastic in it, that easily attach one to the other.  This forms a dental tray that you can later on put in your mouth. 

But first, you take one of the tubes of gel, and apply some gel to the dental tray. 

Then place the dental tray so it fits over your upper and lower teeth. 

Next, you place a Light Transmitter against the dental tray.  The Light Transmitter is a small little device that you have to hold with your lips.  A switch on top of it turns on a little blue light.  This light in combination with the gell is apparently what is supposed to whiten your teeth. 

After some minutes, the dental tray was rather uncomfortable to hold in while I wait for the blue light to turn off.  But I just held it.   

According to the instructions, the Light Transmitter should turn off by itself after ten minutes, and your treatment is done.  However, mine didn't and after 20 minutes I stopped by myself. 

Are my teeth perfectly white now?  Let's have a look at the before and after picture.   Warning:  My teeth aren't the prettiest or straightest or most perfect you've ever seen, so sensitive readers, you've been warned. 



Do you see any difference?  Yes, maybe slightly;  the before picture seems to show more yellow teeth, however that might just be the photos' white balance that isn't quite the same on both pictures.   But perhaps there is a slight difference.

The instructions say you might do the ten minute cycle three times in a row for a total of 30 minutes.  Or for "intense whitening", you may do it for 30 minutes a day for up to 5 days.

Tip: You'll need something to dry up your drool with while using this device.

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