Tayas Orient Caramel Milky compound chocolate with caramel flavoured milk cream filling & crispy rice: What does it taste like?

by Hendy Williams

So, you got a sweet tooth, and then you spot a bag of candy in the store: Orient Caramel - Milky compound chocolate with caramel flavoured milk cream filling & crispy rice.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, doesn't that just look dreamy? Look at that splurt of caramel in the picture... enough to make you drool!

Of course your first thought is that these chocolates are filled with delicious caramel and crispy rice! How delicious must that not be?

Well, so I thought too, and bought it, then tasted it.

So what's it like you ask?

Well if you were expecting dripping delicious sweet caramel, you're in for a major disappointment.

The chocolates, or the garbage as we'll call it from now on, is dry inside, looking like this:

That alone is already a disappointment. No caramel. And that filling is nothing as moist as it looks on the packaging. It's some kind of clay they made with powdered milk or something, I'm only guessing, but yeah, no runny filling at all. It's heavy dry garbage.

And the taste? Oh god no, it's disgusting. When chewing it, soon this bitter aftertaste fills your mouth, and you want to spit it out and scream with disappointment.

I think the problem was I was expecting delicious, runny, creamy caramel, and instead got this sort of bitter somethingorother that's just disgusting.

However, I will note that once you know what it tastes like, you might try it again the next day. The fith one you try is not so bad, probably because you're used to it now and don't have expectations of something else and finding this isn't that.

All in all though, personally I can't say I like this chocolate. There are much nicer, similar things on the market, that are actually very delicious. This tastes like bitter inferior ingredients that make me want to hurl. Even just something simpler like Rolos or Lindt chocolate balls with caramel will be much nicer.

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