Floorwiz Ecofiber mop real life experience review

by Henry Pietersen

Ah, the Floorwiz range... how they advertise it, making people believe it's the best technology in the cleaning of floors.

Only thing is, it's also sold by Verimark. And as we all know, Verimark is in the business of overhyping cheap short-lasting garbage and selling it for 10 times that it's worth.

Today, we shall review the "FloorWiz Ecofibre Mop".

The FloorWiz Ecofibre Mop is one of those things you may find in the store and think, "Oooh, this looks interesting. And whatever could go wrong with it? It's basically micro fibers on a stick that you can sweep with."

So if you do buy it, how does this item perform?

Well, it is lovely for the first week or two. And it's fun to mop the floor with it. It actually can easily sweep and mop underneath cabinets that stand up a little off the floor.

One problem though is that the mop thingie would come off from time to time. But, fortunately not so much that you'll commit suicide with frustration.

The microfibers clean the floor just swimmingly. I loved that part of this product.

But how durable is it?

It is here where this product falls flat on its face. It is not durable at all. In fact, if you use this for wet floor mopping, which you probably will, you'll be lucky if it last longer than a week or three.

Here is what happened to ours:

Because of the wet conditions this product is used in, the pole that is the handle, rusts away and breaks clean off one day while you're mopping and pushing the mop by the handle.

Ours broke clean off in the middle right at the piece of plastic that you rotate in order to extend the mop, revealing that the metal of the pole has completely rusted:

And good heavens, can that smell!! It smells of rust so strongly that you wonder if it isn't toxic to your health just to inhale that overbearing smell of rust.

In conclusion, unless they make this product rust-proof, the FloorWiz Ecofibre Mop is absolute garbage because you cannot use it for the purpose you bought it for for very long at all.

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