Easy Ice cream, custard & biscuit Dessert Recipe

by Sandy Grace

So, you are planning a do.  Nothing too fancy.  Just some of your friends coming over.

However, being the perfectionist that you are, you don't just want to give them some sloppy dessert like clean ice cream you plop into bowls and say "There's your effin dessert."

Still, it doesn't feel right to spend too much money on your friendly meal.  You want something simple that looks decent enough to say "I care", but that doesn't take hours to prepare. 

Need a quick and easy recipe for dessert?  Here is a very easy recipe, and it needs only four easy ingredients.  No mixing or baking required!  It can be made in less than 1 minute should you be in a rush.  

Here are the four ingredients:  Ice cream, Custard, smooth toffee sauce and any kind of wafer biscuits.

To create your masterpiece is just as easy, as it can be done in four easy steps:

1.  Dish your ice cream into a pudding bowl. 

2.  Stick your wafer sticks, in our case here vanilla flavored biscotto sticks, inamong the ice cream scoops.  If you have flat wafer biscuits instead, you may want to put them in first before you dish up the ice cream, otherwise you can stick them into the sides of the ice cream now. 

3.  Fill up the spaces with custard. 

4.  Now round off your masterpiece with a delicious toffee topping.  It is here where the artist in you can really shine!  Make wavy shapes, make round shapes, make Celtic shapes with your toffee squirting bottle... oh the fun never stops!  Ok it does when your toffee bottle is empty.  But I digress.  Just make sure your dessert looks really beautiful. 

Viola!  Now eat!  EAT!!!  EAT I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Yes.  Eat. 

And don't forget to enjoy. 

More tips: 

This dessert is VERY sweet.  Which is why some people will love it to death. 

However, if you're looking to make it slightly less sweet, what you need to do is create some fresh watermelon balls, slices of banana and apple and some more tame fruits, that you can make a fruit salad base with. 

You will then put that at the bottom of your dessert, and then do all the above on top. 

Eating the fruit with the sweet ingredients is REALLY delicious, and not so overtly sweet.  It's more heavenly with fruit, however I did say for this piece we were going to keep it simple, four ingredients maximum without any individual preparations, so that is why this recipe is just short and sweet.  But do try fruit if you find the sweetness too overpowering.