AIM Halogen Heater Model AHH9 PO No. 00101709

by Henry Sparks

The AIM Halogen Heater Model AHH9 is a very effective heater.  It literally basks you in a warm glow!

As soon as it is switched on, you feel a warm glow radiating from it, even if you're some feet away from it.  No warm up time required. 

It is also quite safe, as one does not have to worry about it falling over and setting the carpet alight.  At the bottom it has a little springloaded pin standing out straight down. 

When the heater is placed on the floor, this pin is pushed in and the heater works as normal.  However, as soon as the unit would fall over, this pin will spring out and immediately the device would stop working.

No worries that it might still be hot and set the carpet alight - this device cools down in a matter of seconds. 

In a cold winter, this is a fantastic heater to put next to you when working at your desk.  It radiates a warm glow you can feel on your skin.  It warms you right up.  This of course is different than those oil heaters you'd switch on but not feel them until they have gradually heated up the entire room. 

It also has a switch for each of the bars, so that you can choose between a radiating warm glow or a radiating hot glow. 

The AIM AHH9 heater however is not suited for night-time use in the bedroom.  It shines such a bright warm light that the room will be lit up like a sunroom. 

I tried sleeping with it once, but don't be fooled by the lit up bars that you might think are just like any bars you've seen in other heaters that shine red or orange.  I have one of those heaters too and those make the room look reddish but still dark enough for you to sleep.  This AIM AHH9 heater though will literally make it look like daylight in your room.  So, it's really only suitable to use in the day, and even to use as a nice warm colored light in a bathroom or somewhere.  The perfect device to have ready to switch on in a cold toilet room. 

The heater is very light, making it very easy to move to wherever you need it. 

All in all, a very effective, handy heater, just not for using in a room where you'd like it to be dark enough to sleep in.

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