Cough Medicine for Maltese Poodles: No Such Thing?

by Harry Jenkins

Ah, Maltese Poodles... they're just as good as Malteser chocolates, without the fattening qualities.

Because of their size, which is just right, and their intelligence, which is something astounding if you develop it by teaching it tricks and commands, Maltese Poodles make excellent pets, the kind that makes them a true member of the family. 

If you're an owner of a maltese poodle, you probably know that they cough regularly. Sometimes it sounds like their cough is preventing them from breathing normally, so you may get quite worried. 

In earlier years, I still rushed my poodle to the vet every time it coughed.  Does it have tuberculosis?  Does it have influenza?  Help it please, Doctor!!

The vet I went to, gave me a purple medicine in a small unmarked bottle that I should give it.   Kind of a specially formulated cough relief medicine for poodles. 

And yummy, the medicine smells so good.  Like blueberries or blackberries or something delicious. 

Just give him a spoonful three times a day until the bottle is empty, said the vet. 

Later on, when the dog would periodically develop a cough again, I didn't even take the dog anymore;  I just phoned the receptionist and told her the dog is coughing again and had someone pick up another bottle.  And they of course loved charging me for this wonder anti-cough special poodle medicine.  

This carried on periodically over the years.  But then one day, during a time when my poor poodle was coughing again, I went to pick it up some more medicine.  But I can't rememer if the vet's office was closed or something, so I went to another place that is kind of a small entrepreneuric animal centre where they sell dog food and have a vet at hand and so on and on. 

Over there they didn't understand what I wanted.  I explained to them I want the animal medicine that one gives to a coughing poodle.  The one that's for a poodle's cough. 

Well, they brought me to other insights that day.  There is no such thing as a special dog cough medicine. 

Then what in blazes have I been buying all this time???

It became clear that my regular vet might have always just been pouring simple kid's cough syrup into a small unmarked bottle and sold it to me at a jacked up price as something especially formulated for a maltese poodle's cough.   I could have bought it myself at the supermarket, that is if it was even needed because it's not. 

Ok well, at least this new information would save me a lot on cough syrup for dogs.  Because I wasn't going to buy any anymore. 

Was my vet just scamming me all this time?  Seems like it.  Oh great.   What other unnecessary things did he do to and sell us for our sick animals just for money?

Anyway, since that time I have noticed that no matter how bad it seems my little buddy has the cough, it goes away after a while. 

It now appears to me it comes from humid weather.  Whenever the rains come for a day or five, or just before or just after it, the poodle starts to cough.  But, come dry weather again, the cough magically disappears.   

So, it doesn't bother me anymore, just can be annoying especially at night when you're trying to sleep and the maltese poodle keeps coughing like crazy every time it tries to breathe.  But the cough goes away after a day or three. 

Maltese poodles is the text book example of the old term "man's best friend".