Bob Martin Tick & Flea Dog Spot Tick & Flea Treatment

by Jonas Henrichson

Ticks and fleas are a perpetual problem if you have dogs.  Come summer, you will find that your dog suddenly starts scratching itself like mad.  And we're not talking about once every two hours.  We're talking about every four seconds, non-stop for the entire day.

Recently when my dog started scratching like this, I tried covering the dog in flea powder.  But I can't say I can see any kind of difference.  The fleas don't seem to be scared one bit of flea powder. 

So the next time I'm at the store, I look at the available treatments.  One such treatment I find is the Bob Martin Tick & Flea Dog Spot. 

The Bob Martin Tick & Flea Dog Spot consists of a small little tube with fluid that you apply directly to your dog's skin.  Here are the instructions: 

1.  Snip off the end of the nozzle on the tube. 

2.  Apply by parting your dog's coat on the back between the shoulder blades. 

3.  Squeeze the entire contents of the tube directly onto the skin. 

Do not rub the solution into the skin as this will reduce the product's efficiency.

That's it.  Very easily done.  Larger dogs need two tubes, the other to be applied the same way to the base of the dog's tail. 

The dog should now be protected against fleas and ticks for 5 weeks. 

What kind of results were visible after I applied this to my small dog? 

Well, the first day it didn't seem to have much if any effect.  The dog was still scratching like mad. 

The second day it was still scratching. 

But by the third day it seemed to be scratching less. 

A better result was seen the next time I washed the dog.

Now before the treatment, I had washed it and found roughly thirty fleas seemingly drowned in the dog's coat. 

Some days after the treatment I washed the dog again, and found only two. 

The dog still scratches a lot, but not nearly as much as it did before I applied the Bob Martin Tick & Flea Dog Spot treatment.  And as mentioned, at washtime the number of fleas found on the dog is drastically reduced. 

So, it's obvious that the treatment did bring about an improvement. 

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, about five days after treatment, it seems the fleas are back with a vengeance.  The dog was scratching like mad again and when I gave it a bath, the flea population on it was quite severe.  I'm afraid this product didn't quite work for the 5 weeks they claim.  Bummer.