Enjoy SLOBBIES, a 90 minute animated comedy feast!

by Samantha Follenstee

I love animated comedies like The Simpsons! Well, some of the episodes anyway, the ones with good stories and good Homer Simpson jokes.

The same way I like The Critic, or even a bit of King Of The Hill and Mr. Peabody and Griffin and such cartoon dogs and whatnot.

I think it's something about the colorful sketches that move, that I find very alluring.

So it was quite a treat for me to discover SLOBBIES, a 90 minute animated feast of more colorful animation comedy.

So what is Slobbies about? Well it's like a crazy ride all over the place, but here is the basic overbridging synopsis:

SLOBBIES is a 90 minute animated comedy feast. A fat woman in a yellow dress loses her husband, but has his child. She calls this child CoolAsFire.

CoolAsFire grows up to become a sassy, difficult teenager who rebels against his name and his mother until he runs away from home to go prove himself.

Next day, his mother, Ol'Mom, finds a puppy on her doorstep. She adops it as her son and calls it Slobbies.

Slobbies then has a wild ride of a life with his human mother Ol'Mom, taking him far and wide and up and down in the crazy spiral of life.

Slobbies tries to be all he can be, but Ol'Mom still misses CoolAsFire. A dog can't take the place of your son!

Then one day the doorbell rings...

Cast: Marius Sweefarend, Janda Walters, Sofia Alexis

What kind of review can I give this movie?

Well, it's hilariously funny if it hits you at the right time when you're in a silly mood. If you're not in a silly mood, it will probably get you in a silly mood sooner or later, since it's quite a gripping movie.

The animation is intentionally rougly done most of the time, just a bit better than the very first episode of The Simpsons. There are times though that for atmosphere and special effect, the animation is beautifully done. Only for a short sequence or two though.

If you want to laugh and lose yourself into the crazy world of Slobbies, you may so by clicking the link below: