Takarajima DVD Box Set

by Jim Hawkins Jnr.

Takarajima is an anime television series created by what was then called Tokyo Movie Shinsha (today TMS Entertainment).

The story is an adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson book, "Treasure Island", although personally I think they only started with the idea of the Stevenson book but then created a very comprehensive phenomenon all on its own. 

Though everyone may have their own favorite episode, the story as a whole is fantastic!

The series has been translated into just about every language, but to date I have not been able to find an English version.  That's probably the only main language it has not been dubbed into so far. 

The DVD box set comes in a strong outer cardboard box, with 8 disks, containing 26 episodes, a 90 minute movie made from the series (I suppose this was done for a television special, and so much of the series is cut away that I definitely do not recommend this "movie" version) and another short film that shows Jim as an adult man much, much later. 

There is also an "Interview book".  This contains a lot of stuff written in Japanese that I cannot read, a lot of pictures, screen capture images from the series, and interviews with a Japanese man and a Japanese woman, I assume they are the creators of the series. 

In the DVD box set I purchased I also got a calendar consisting of a clear stand, and a card for each month with pictures and the actual calendar on it, that fits into the clear stand.  This however was for the year 2007 so I'm not sure if the box set when purchased today contains an updated calendar, an outdated calendar, or no calendar at all. 

The animation is of course done very well, although I have noticed it starts out very beautiful at the start, then becomes very roughlike up until the second half of the series starts.  I don't know if from there other people worked on it, but from there the animation becomes even more beautiful and well drawn.  The atmosphere is fantastic!

There used to be clips on YouTube of this series, but it seems they have all been deleted by YouTube to the very last one. Sorry!