Angry Birds DVD

by Movie Collector

You might think you would like an Angry Birds DVD, because you liked the little game that you played in which bird characters get loaded into a big sling shot and shot through the air in order to free other birds in cages.

Well that's what I thought anyway after enjoying that little game quite some, and then seeing a DVD in the supermarket titled "ANGRY BIRDS TOONS Season One - Volume One".

I bought that sucker.

So, did I enjoy it as much as I did the game?


It's not funny. Instead of being based on an actual story, it's one of those cartoons that is all based on the characters getting hurt all the time. And if they're not getting hurt, they're getting hurt and being embarrased.

If they're not falling and getting hurt or being squashed by something, they're being slammed against a rock wall or something. That is if they're not being embarrased or degraded in some manner.

I must say I don't find cartoons like that funny at all.

By the way, the birds never talk in this DVD at all. The pigs neither.

It's just a bunch of slapstick which gets annoying real fast.

And the characters are quite stupid. For some reason the birds can't fly because they don't have wings. They also don't have legs.

Similarly the green pigs, which hell knows why they are green and not pink or flesh colored, don't have any legs.

In conclusion, this whole Angry Birds cartoon series is just a bunch of rubbish. Not good.

I definitely do not recommend this for children.