How to Add More Vegetables Conveniently to Your Diet

by Phillip Sanders

We all know we should eat more vegetables.  They all say it.  Eat more fresh vegetables.  That's what we need to be healthy in our diets.   

Yet, whenever we're in a hurry, which is basically constantly, preparing yourself some salad just seems like too much work. 

But adding more vegetables to your eating plan needn't be difficult at all.  Here is a way to make sure you get in healthy vegetation every day: 

First, you need a blender.  Just the simple kind with the fast rotating blades in the bottom of this plastic container.  They're not too expensive and they're very useful.  

Secondly, buy yourself a cucumber and a bag of fresh tomatoes.  Put these in your refrigerator (so they stay cold and fresh but don't let them freeze). 

It's much easier and faster to drink a portion of vegetables than to have to eat and chew it bit by bit. 

Now, three times a day with every meal, simply follow this very easy recipe: 

1.  Add a bit of filtered water into your blender, just until the blades are covered.  This will make sure your vegetables can swirl around in there, otherwise it's just too dry and the vegetables get stuck in there with the blades cutting a path for themselves through the vegetables and then just rotating in that path without liquidizing the vegetables further. 

2.  What would you like to have?  Cucumber juice or tomato juice?  Pick one.  

If it's cucumber you'd like, simply break off a piece of the cucumber about as long as your pinkie finger.

3.  Turn the blender on, keeping the lid on initially until it's started.  Usually it splashes only initially when the blender is turned on, but once the water is turning steady, you can lift the lid just enough. 

4.  Throw the piece of cucumber in under the lid.  Within about 2 seconds the cucumber should disappear and you should be left with a healthy green juice. 

5.  Turn off the blender and serve the drink in a glass big enough.  Drink immediately.  Do not leave to stand.  

6.  Rinse your blender so it's ready for your next meal's glass of vegetable juice.  If you rinse it immediately it won't need washing later. 

The first time you drink cucumber juice, you may not be used to the taste at all.  But once you've downed it, you will feel a strange feeling of refreshment.  Drink it regularly and you become so used to it that you simply don't want to go a day without drinking it.  

Alternate it with tomato juice. 

ALWAYS USE FRESH AND GREAT TASTING INGREDIENTS!  Do not use old, rotting tomatoes or cucumbers.  That will just make you lose your taste for it forever.  

If you're brave, you may even experiment with other kinds of vegetables.  (Just not onions!  Nobody's system can handle raw onion juice.)

And there you are, once you're in the habit, you'll simply start feeling that it really does something good for you.

Do you need a juicer to make vegetable and fruit juice? Click here to check out some on the market.