My Review and Experience of IRON GYM

by Steve Lorre

Another product that caught my attention is the IRON GYM.  They describe it thus: 

"Convert any door into your own personal gym

Get strong, get lean, get ripped – quick!

For a total upper body workout meet Iron Gym. Convert any door into your own personal gym in seconds. With the Iron Gym you will build, strengthen and tone your chest, back, arms, shoulders and define your abdominals."

Looks easy enough and effective.  I very seldom buy "AS SEEN ON TV" products because I know they're all talk in the commercials but seldom are quality that lasts, but I did buy this one from Game stores. 

What to make sure of before you buy this product:

Don't assume you have a door that this product will fit!

 The first problem was trying to find a door it would fit.  According to the instructions there are apparently two versions on the market, and it seems the one sold generally is the one that will fit a single brick-layer wall. 

Finding a single brick layer wall may be more difficult than you think, especially if you don't have that many indoor walls.  My place didn't have one that was only a single brick thickness, but I did find a house I have access to that has one fortunately.

Secondly, make sure you have a door with a frame that has an edge sticking out of the wall.    I never took any notice really of what my door frames look like - most of them have the wall overlapping the door frame, instead of the other way around, meaning this product will not work.  You need the door frame edges to be slightly thicker than the wall.  

There's also a thin "safety pin" which is just a small flat metal hook that you stick into the doorframe that the product is supposed to hang on by itself.  Most South African homes have a metal door frame that simply doesn't have any slit between the doorframe and the wall.  You will not be able to put this hook in.  However, in my experience you can still fit the device and use it, for while you are using it your body weight pushes it firmly into the wall.  Just a small doorframe ledge should still hold it.   

About the performance of the product:

Having found a wall it would fit, this product does seem to work for a while. 

In my experience it's especially nice for push-ups - you can place it flat on the ground and do push-ups with it.  I find push-ups more comfortable using this machine.

It's also great exercise to do the prescribed exercises with it.  

HOWEVER, after only a few uses, the black foam around the handles start becoming looser and start rotating whenever you hang by them, making your grip turn until you are hanging only by your front fingerjoints.  It is around here where the IRON GYM loses its usefulness and joins your pile of unused expensive garbage in the garage. 

If you take the foam off the handles, the bars are too thin and slippery to hold on, so you really do need the black foam coverings.  But how to make them stay in position without rotating when your weight is pulling on them?  Perhaps you could glue them to the bars with superglue?  I don't know if it will work, because I haven't done it yet for I don't believe one is supposed to pay an arm and a leg for a product that you then have to find solutions for its incompetence for yourself.

In conclusion, there's one thing regarding AS SEEN ON TV products you can always rely on:  It's always overpriced and it's always bad quality.