White Earphones in Public: You One of Those Apple Ipod People?

by Meredith Green

There are those of us who will find use for an mp3 player.  We may store our music on it and listen to it in the car or when waiting somewhere, or at home we may connect it o a speaker or a hi-fi system and play back some music.  How lovely and convenient.

Then of course there are those people who feel they MUST ALWAYS PERMANENTLY have earphones stuck in their ears.  Even when they're just walking down the street.  I'm sure you've seen those "ipod" people.  You know them by the white earphones and white earphone cables.  The white earphones with white cables have become the trademark for the apple ipod.  Or those who want to fake having an ipod so they "belong" to the cool clan or something.   

Like me you may or may not understand why somebody doesn't want to hear the sounds of what is going on around them and instead prefer to have white earphones blaring music from their ipod into their ears.  Always cut-off from the world and the people around them by being deaf to them and instead listening to their ipod.

I'm bringing this up because two days ago I saw a documentary on the ipod, and how the ipod people can be spotted in public by having white earphones with white cables coming from their ears.  So yesterday for the first time I spotted what they're talking about.  Never occured to me before but there it is!  All the cool-wannabees :)

Not that having an ipod makes you a cool-wannabe, but I mean listening to it everywhere or having the earphones always in your ears even in places where listening to music is unnecessary, for no other reason I can tell but just so people see, probably is a bit of a pose. 

I was at the hypermarket doing shopping.  I stand in the queue at the till and behind me a guy is standing with white earphones in his ears.  I would have said hi but obviously his hearing is occupied.  It's something I've never thought of;  listening to an ipod or mp3 player while doing my shopping.  Certainly even listening to music would get tiring if you did it all day every day?  Then again I've never actually tried it because I've never even thought of it;  listening to my own music provider while I'm doing my shopping.  Why would I? 

But I suppose to understand it, I need to try it.  But then again to actually be seen in public with earphones in my ears.......... not sure how I feel about it.  I don't think it'll make me feel cool.  Just distract me from what I'm doing.  Maybe it'll help if I don't actually turn on any music, so I can concentrate on what I'm doing.  But that of course would really turn it all into a pretend-pose situation.

So, I propose this coming week I'm going to buy me some white earphones.  I don't personally own an ipod, though we have some in the family, but I do have a very similar mp3 player that does the same thing, and I can spraypaint the black earphones white if I can't find any white earphones in a store.  I shall then experiment how natural it feels, or even how good if any it feels to be walking around in public permanently looking like my own personal DJ, and then I'll write a follow-up article to this one, sharing my feelings on the matter and whether this practise is advisable, have you not practised it yourself.   

Please stay tuned to learn if this is a desirable lifestyle you just haven't discovered yet! :)  Meanwhile if you have any tips, add them to the comments section.