Trojan Body Active Body Ball

by Kevin Abs

So, let me guess:

You've tried those fitness gimmicks "as seen on tv" that turned out to be total rubbish-garbage (yes, both rubbish and garbage).

You've tried those ab-rollers at some point.  Until they start to hurt your hands.   

You've done your run of the mill weight training with barbells and gym equipment in your life.  Probably you got your best results this way. 

And you've gone jogging regularly for a time, either outside or on a treadmill. 

I've done all of that too.  Eventually you get bored with everything.  Bored bored bored.  Or your back starts going into spasms from time to time and you need an injection from a doctor to get it loose again.

So you switch your exercise routine around and then you can do it for a while again.  If it works, great! 

Personally I've done all of that and eventually grew tired of it.  

So, what new exercise could I start doing that I would find fun while at the same time it works? 

Well, I then stumbled upon the Trojan Body Active Body Ball about two months ago. 

Pfff, what's so great about exercising with a ball you say?  Will that actually help?  If it's fun, doesn't it mean the results aren't worthwhile? 

Well, I didn't think much at first, aside from having never done a workout with a body ball before.  But now I got myself this one.  It happens to be the 65cm diameter one. 

Inside the box, there is a workout included.  At first glance, this workout looks like some light playing.  Maybe it's just the young skinny chick in the pictures that makes it look like child's play. 

Your first workout is getting the ball inflated.  Included is an attachment piece, a plug for the ball once inflated, and a piece that can take the plug out again when needing reinflatement. 

You will need your own pump to inflate the ball with.  No pump included, just the nozzle piece. 

So, after working up a sweat getting a ball of this size inflated, you'll probably want to rest until the next day. 

When you're finally ready for your first official workout with the ball:  The included workout will take around 30 minutes to complete. 

Is it going to be easy?  Yes, easy to do;  No, you will feel that your muscles worked.  Fun, yes!

The workout starts with light warm-up exercises - giant circles with the ball, hopping on the ball, lunges with the ball etc. 

Then starts the exercises, like with your feet on the ball you will do pushups;  while bending over the ball you bring your elbows back like wings (this one always helps to get my spine realigned;  I love it when I hear my vertebrae go back into place);  abs; hamstrings, chest squeezes etc. - the fun doesn't stop till the last exercise! 

The first time you do this, halfway through the exercise, especially on a summer's day, you will notice a river of sweat stream down your face and temples.  This gets less each time you do the workout though. 

When you're done, you will feel very satisfied and worked out all over.  Within a week or so, you will notice that your body shape is changing to very pleasing proportions as muscles that balance your body, that usually don't get a workout with conventional workouts in the gym, start to get size and strength.

After about a month, because of severe time constraints I had to divide the 30 minute workout into three 10 minute workouts.  Still works for me. 

If you haven't yet tried working out with a body ball, or you are looking for a new workout because you're tired of your old routine,get yourself a Fitness Ball and try that for three months.  It's fun!

Get an exercise ball here!