COTY GRAVITY Gift Set: Cologne Spray, Deodorant Spray & Watch

by Hendrik Le Grange

So, it's Christmas time and you need to buy gifts for people that are suitable.  And as you walk through the shops, you see all those deodorant gift packs.

I bought one too days ago.  I was walking in Edgars and saw this striking watch.  Inside a fragrance gift pack that is.  That watch looks casual yet decent.  So I bought the Coty GRAVITY Cologne Spray, Deodorant Spray & Watch Gift Set.  

Now, who in blazes is "Coty", the brand name on this product?  For more information about this fragrance company, see coty.com .  Here are some brag lines:  

Through astute acquisitions and licensing partnerships, Coty Inc. has achieved a leadership position in fragrance and has quickly emerged as a leading global beauty company with sales of nearly $4 billion for the year ended June 30, 2010.  

...And it's been doing so for over 100 years. All over the world.

With offices in more than 30 countries and a strong presence in 90 markets, Coty successfully brings to market its brands faster, further and freer than most other beauty companies. Our brands transcend borders and boundaries.

Lovely.  Well when I got home I tried to put on the watch.  The watch is beautiful. 

However, if you plan on giving this to someone as a gift, perhaps to your brother or guy friend or boyfriend or boss or father, please note possible drawbacks: 

1.  It seems they think all men have arms as thin as three fingers.  The wrist band on this watch is so short, I can fit it only on the last hole and then the end won't go into the smaller fold-in band.  It also sits there tight, so don't crave for your arm to breathe if you plan on wearing this watch.  Yes, this is a huge round watch face with a short little wrist strap.    

2.  My watch is so beautiful, but mine's short hand is slightly off.  For example, say it shows exactly 6:00, then the long hand is pointing at 12 exactly but the short hand is juuuuuuust short of the 6.  I hate that!!  I wish I saw that in the shop so I could look for one that might have been better.  Too late now I guess.  

However, I do love this watch.  In fact, I'm wearing it right now!  There's something striking about the design of the watch face that just hooked me from day one.  But I guess you read that part :)

What can be said about the fragrances? 

Well, I tried them on this morning. 

If you're used to very strongly perfumated smells, as many cologne deodorants come, or Jean Paul Gaultier that immediately gives you that delicious smell, don't think these Gravity sprays are like that. 

In comparison, the perfume smell is very faint.  I first thought I'm just spraying myself with water, or a fake imitation of the product, but now I'm starting to like it because it's not so strong but it's definitely there.  I can smell it as I sit here.  I sprayed both the deodorant and the cologne spray on.  Yeeeeeeeeeeeees, veeeeeeeeeeeery faintly and not overbearing the smell perfumates the air just above my skin..... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....  that's good.  I like it more and more. 

I'll see later today if the deodorant is working all day long.  It's summer and very hot right now.  If I start to smell like a pig later today, I'll update this section on how many hours the Coty Gravity spray worked.  

And that, boys and girls, is the story of how I got my Coty watch and cologne and deodorant sprays and what I think about it so far.  :X!