Avoid Hyperpigmentation of the Skin (Uneven Skin Tone)

by Laurika Anniston

What is hyperpigmentation?

Everybody's skin contains melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. 

However, if you suffer from hyperpigmentation, it means your skin is producing too much melanin.  The areas this occurs in are visible as spots, blemishes or freckles.  

Exposure to the sun's UV rays, some medicines and hormonal changes are a few possible causes. 

Prevention is better than cure

It can be very difficult, if not impossible or impractical to get rid of a blemish once it has already appeared.  Therefore, it would be much better to prevent as far as possible the appearance of them in the first place. 

One should take care to apply a good UVA-UVB sunscreen before going out into the sun, in order to prevent skin blemishes caused by the sun. 

Obviously it is very important to make sure you apply the sunscreen to your face, but don't forget about your back - an area where spots, freckles and blemishes collect throughout the years in such an abundance they could found their own republic - chest, arms and the backs of your hands. 

How to lighten a dark blemish or spot on the skin

On the market there are many products available that promise to even out your skin tone. 

To make a blemish lighter, apply these products every morning and evening. 

Most of these skin treatment products work by suppressing the making of melanin, thereby preventing dark spots from becoming even darker. 

At the same time, it gives your skin time to undergo a natural renewal, during which darker areas are replaced with new, lighter skin. 

Of course, if all else fails, you could also consider more expensive laser treatments or visit a salon for professional exfoliation. 

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