Ottimo F-718 1.5 Litre Cordless Kettle

by Marius Jennings

About a year ago I was looking for a kettle.  Kettles come in all shapes and sizes, so don't laugh at me when I say selecting a kettle that is you can be something that actually requires your attention for a bit.

There are those plastic ones, usually white or white with red or gray parts... not bad, but they look so all cheap white plastic.  I mean really, what if you want something that looks a mix of elegance with a dash of class?

Usually when it comes to kitchen appliances, selecting something with silver or stainless steal is the answer.  Stainless steel or metal just looks like it's in a class above colored plastics, even though sometimes such an appliance may actually be priced lower. 

Anyway, while looking for something that looks good enough to fit in my kitchen, it is then that I ran into the Ottimo F-718 1.5 Litre Cordless Kettle. 

Don't mind how dirty it is in the photograph.  I've already been using it for a year and it's been a pleasure doing so.  I love switching on a kettle because it usually means sitting down to a peaceful cup of tea.

The Ottimo F-718 1.5 Litre Cordless Kettle has just enough elegance and class for my taste.  It does have a lot of plastic in it, but the plastic is a pitch, shiny black so that looks good, and then of course it has just enough matt stainless steel plate to make it look solid and steady. 

A translucent strip on the side serves as a meter so you can see how much water is still in the kettle.  An easy switch on the back that you push down, lights up orange to indicate that the appliance is in operation. 

Of course it automatically turns off when then water has reached boiling point and has been boiling for ten seconds or so. 

Pouring from it is very easy, because it actually stands on a base, from which you can simply lift it off so it is completely cordless.  Simply pour the boiled water into your teapot, cup or mug. 

I love this kettle and I do hope I can use it for a long time to come, but unfortunately, as with all kettles, the lime deposit just keeps building up and building up. 

To help stop the latter, I have been using filtered water, but though it might have slowed down the lime build-up, I'm afraid it didn't stop it and now, it may kill my kettle :(

But I guess finding ways to remove the lime is a discussion for next time.  Thanks for reading :)